WAVE CTE Scholarship (LOCAL)!

Ride this wave and apply for up to 2 years of tuition at Washington state colleges.  If awarded students can use the scholarship at vocational, technical, community college, state colleges or universities!

The state’s Workforce Board and Washington Student Achievement Council have relaunched the Washington Award for Vocational Excellence (WAVE) Scholarship this spring. That’s great news for your top CTE and professional-technical students!  This award of excellence is to help high-performing students achieve their Career & Technical Education (CTE) goals!


  • High school seniors
  • Will complete two CTE courses in a single CTE pathway by graduation (for example two child development or construction trades classes…are just two of the many options)

For more information click here.  Apply at https://www.wtb.wa.gov/wave/

Deadline:  May 6, 2022

Article Source: Heights Campus