Up Close With Jessica Saldivar

Current job: Family Law Program Coordinator with the Clark County Volunteer Lawyers Program

Proudest professional moment: That’s a hard one! I guess the proudest moment would be securing my current position in the first place; I have worked so hard to get here!
First job, and what age you were: I grew up watching the Babysitters Club, so obviously, babysitting was my first job! I was in 7th grade when I first started taking care of a little girl, and continued to babysit her and then her brother, until I was maybe 16 or 17. My first job with a paper paycheck was at 16 when I started scorekeeping for middle school sports at Jason Lee Middle School, where my mom was a teacher. 

Fun fact: We have a free-roaming, banana-loving, pet rabbit who is best friends with the cat… I wake up every morning to them standing in the kitchen, begging for breakfast alongside each other, which is pretty fun.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night pre-COVID: If we were in town, movie nights with my daughters was my favorite way to spend a Saturday night. We turn the couch into a big bed, with ALL the pillows and blankets, and enjoy a movie together. Sometimes we would host sleepovers, and their friends or cousins would join in. Pre-Covid we would frequently take weekend trips out of town, but we would probably still be having our movie nights!

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night during COVID: Luckily, our Saturday night plans didn’t change too much. Obviously, there weren’t as many weekends traveling out of town or sleepovers being hosted, but that was fine. Our movie nights became more creative if anything! My daughters would sometimes create tickets and set up elaborate concession stands where we could purchase snacks with Monopoly money, or we would build a fort and watch the movie hidden away!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, local businesses that you have been trying to give some extra love/business to: The Donut Nook! Their bear paws (because they don’t have almonds, so no claws!) are amazing. Also, The Hungry Sasquatch! The pizza is delicious, but it’s the environment and experience that make it such a win.

Favorite movie: I will never understand how someone could pick just one movie—I have so many favorites! Most of my movie watching is done alongside my daughters, so my favorites for this year were The Mitchells vs the Machines and Cruella. I also introduced my daughters to Back to the Future, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids this past year, and was thrilled/relieved that they enjoyed them as much as I do!

Music of choice:  Totally depends on my mood and environment, my “liked songs” on Spotify are all over the place. Heading into these darker winter days, my favorites are Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Ocean, and Ray LaMontagne.
Current favorite place to get takeout/delivery: The convenience of delivery services has been a blessing and a curse over the past year. I don’t have a favorite place, but rather I try to explore different places each time. Usually, I order Thai food or sushi though!

Motto/inspirational quote: “This too shall pass”. This has been a mantra I have used for the moments of joy, frustration, and everything in between, because it is a great reminder that these moments are fleeting. For me, this helps encourage presence, forgiveness, and mindfulness.



Article Source: Vancouver WA Business Journal