Tigard Police ‘blitz’ at Fred Meyer ends with accused shoplifters arrested

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A coordinated operation by the Tigard Police caught several suspected shoplifters at a local Fred Meyer.

The ‘blitz’ carried out on Thursday, Aug. 4 and was performed in cooperation with loss prevention employees at the Tigard Fred Meyer on Pacific Highway. The operation focused on shoplifters and other criminal activity.

The detectives caught five people in the operation. Three were left off with warnings, but the other two, Robert Patterson, age 44, and Marat Gudarenko, age 30, were both arrested.

Patterson was arrested for criminal trespass and resisting arrest as well as already having warrants out for his arrest. Gudarenko was arrested for theft and also had warrants.

Detectives often work with loss prevention employees throughout Tigard as a way to identify and stop criminal suspects. Authorities say that blitzes are just one way that they hope to prevent future criminal activity.

Article Source: KOIN 6