‘Say Yes to the Dress’ to return for 15th season

You have questions. I have some answers.

Is “Say Yes to the Dress” coming back on TLC?

I say yes. The series will mark 15 years on the air beginning July 9 with Randy and the Kleinfeld crew dealing with new brides-to-be, including one who got engaged just hours before her appointment.

Will Hallmark’s “Chesapeake Shores” be continued? If so, when? I would love to see more of it.

There will be a sixth season of the series based on the Sherryl Woods novels. That will also be the final season. Hallmark promises it “later this summer” and that series regulars “Robert Buckley, Meghan Ory, Treat Williams, Barbara Niven, Laci J. Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Brendan Penny and Andrew Francis are all set to return.”

I watch TCM most of the time and lately there has been a voice in the background explaining what is going on. Why? It is so annoying. How can I stop it?

Letters come here from time to time from readers who are hearing a voice announcing that a character is opening a door and other actions. Basically, you’re encountering descriptive audio — details meant to help blind and visually impaired people tuned to a program. With some devices and program providers, you should be able to turn it off where your settings list the SAP, or secondary audio program. If the solution isn’t clear, you may want to check with your program provider.

I watched a movie on TV as a child; this must have been around 1959. I remember a lot of the details, but not the name. A young girl enters a convent, but leaves, has an affair with a bullfighter and then returns to the convent. No one knew she had been missing, because a statue of Mary became human and filled in for her while she was gone.

You are remembering “The Miracle,” a 1959 movie starring Carroll Baker and Roger Moore, and based on a play of the same name.

After 59 years I’m hoping to resolve the following. In February 1963, my then-husband and I had dinner reservations. Before leaving home, I flipped on the TV and stopped at a movie that was beginning with the title “Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain.” I became so enthralled, we missed the dinner reservations. I have tried to find info on the movie and have hit a roadblock. Will you please help?

The reason you’ve had a hard time finding that is that it was not a movie. Airing right when you were missing dinner was an episode of the TV series “Route 66” called “Suppose I Said I was the Queen of Spain.” It finds series regular Tod (Martin Milner) beguiled by a mysterious woman (the wonderful Lois Nettleton). The impressive guest cast also includes Robert Duvall and Harvey Korman.

Finally, a reader not long ago asked about the actor Richard Egan and thought he was in “The Long Hot Summer.” As I said, he was not. But many of you readers filled in a “summer” blank by pointing out that Egan was instead in “A Summer Place,” the 1959 film also featuring Dorothy McGuire, Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue, Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

Article Source: The Columbian