Praxis Health acquires Northwest Medical Associates

Praxis Health has announced the acquisition of a new clinic, Northwest Medical Associates located on Park Plaza Drive is East Vancouver. Northwest Medical Associates was founded in 1986 by Dr. Stanley Sugarman and Dr. Alan Jones. The clinic has been an integral part of the Vancouver community for over 35 years.

The expansion into Vancouver marks the continued growth of Praxis Health, Oregon’s largest independent medical group with its first location in Washington. Praxis Health is a family-owned and operated organization, focused on providing the highest possible level of care in the Pacific Northwest while delivering community-oriented care through accessible services that optimize the health and quality of life of all persons.

Praxis CEO Dan McCarthy said about the acquisition “Northwest Medical Associates represents such an important relationship for Praxis Health.  Expanding into Washington comes at an exciting time of growth for our organization, especially during these unprecedented, challenging times. The secret formula is to team up with empathetic, compassionate, high quality physicians and great things happen.  We can solve access issues in primary care, lower the total cost, and deliver a delightful experience. Our aim is to serve our communities and put our patients’ needs first. We believe that this expansion marks a new chapter for us and that Northwest Medical Associates will continue to thrive.”

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Article Source: Vancouver WA Business Journal