Letter: ‘We need Michelle Belkot in District 2, not another Julie Olson 2.0

Vancouver resident Sally Snyder weighs in on the County Council District 2 race

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After watching many interviews and forums of Michelle Belkot and Kim Hamlik, it’s very clear that Michelle is the only candidate in District 2 that will stand for my families medical freedoms regarding unfair Covid lockdowns and mandates. We don’t need another politician type that will just go along with whatever the Governor or other unelected bureaucrats say. We need someone who will tell it straight and stand up to medical tyranny and Michelle seems to be the only one who will in District 2. 

Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder

Because of this and her vast experience advantage, Liz Pike and former Chair Eileen Quiring O’Brien recently enthusiastically endorsed Michelle Belkot, along with receiving the Slavic vote and many other organizations of well-respected people in Clark County. These endorsements go a long way with me. 

Liz Pike said, “Clark County Council is experiencing a crisis in leadership and our citizens are suffering the consequences. Exploding crime and new illegal and unsanitary homeless encampments are becoming commonplace. It’s time for strong leadership at the county which is why our family is supporting Michelle Belkot for County Council District 2. Michelle’s professional experience, energy and intellect, coupled with her commitment to protect citizens’ freedom, prevent wasteful spending, and hold county staff accountable is exactly what we need. Michelle will work collaboratively with our new Sheriff, delivering Council leadership to help make Clark County safe again. Please vote for Michelle for real change!” 

Former County Chair Eileen Quiring O’Brien said, “I have zero doubts that Michelle will serve Clark County and the people of District 2 with excellence, as she has done through her decades of service to our country. She is the hardest worker and go-getter, which is such a relief for the people of District 2. With big projects like a new jail on the horizon, Michelle will be a key asset to planning and making sure all taxpayers are looked out for. It brings me great joy to endorse Michelle Belkot for Clark County Council District 2!” 

Several years ago, Republicans took a chance on an up and coming Republican named Julie Olson who quickly turned her back on those who helped elect her, to the point of becoming censured and hardly every representing core Republican values. Mrs. Hamlik seems really nice personally, but we need a proven person to step into the County Council and be a voice for the people rather than the bureaucrats and elites. Michelle is a working Mom, a Lieutenant in the Navy and she has been serving for 20 plus years saving taxpayers money with her contractual experience. This experience is perfect timing with our high taxes and inflation. 

Michelle Belkot is the real deal and Mrs. Hamlik is a Julie Olson 2.0.

Sally Snyder


Article Source: Clark County Today