Letter: ‘We gave authority to these bureaucrats willingly, day after day, year after year’

Vancouver resident Pauline Warren discusses a recent interview Jan Jekielek (Epoch News) conducted with Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College

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Why do I stay up until 5:15 a.m. to listen to a man explain why he is doing what he is doing?

Pauline Warren
Pauline Warren

Because this man is something else, a walking encyclopedia of history, even better than Victor Davis Hanson [who concentrates more on war history]. Larry Arnn has been studying how and what we think and what the outcome has been and should be. He wants to understand the young people he has in his charge to help them become what they are created to become. He is fabulous!

It would be very expensive and time consuming to have this kind of talk without our technology today, yet he will give his students his time directly, in the dining hall, even to hours of conversation, yet he is the top guy in this college and he is so amazing to listen to that the interviewer here, Jan, hardly asks any questions. This is a rarity, very unusual for Jan not to go back and forth continually in a conversation rather than sit there almost with his mouth open in expectation of the next word of truth and wisdom that will come from this mouth. Anyone who loves learning will love to listen to this interview and want more.

But will the “experts,” really the bureaucrats ensconced in their high towers, let him do that — what he is so good at. These petty “rulers” have and will continue to try to discombobulate everything he has done and wants to do. They are, as he says, tyrants, the worst kind because they come across as do-gooders, yet they are truly evil and pawns of the evil one.

This is what we are presently confronted with, and confronted is the best word. This is not something we invited knowingly into our lives, yet this is all to be expected because we did the unconscious thing to bring it about, that was simply we gave authority to these bureaucrats willingly, day after day, year after year. We did all this to ourselves, basically we put ourselves into this prison of accepting another’s control over us because it was so very easy, so very comfortable to not have to do the hard things. Of course, this is the definition of slavery.

This is now our sorry state of affairs and the consequences are, we are now finding, deadly. There is that way that seems right that ends in DEATH! We are awfully close to terminal in this country if we do not wake up and are not willing to pay the price for freedom. It is costly, very, and can require everything, like our lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor.

Is America willing to pay the price our founding fathers did? Listen here for a better understanding.


Pauline Warren


Article Source: Clark County Today