Letter: ‘If people can get sick and spread germs regardless of vaccination status, should we ALL be excluded whenever we are exposed’

Vancouver resident Ann Makar discusses issues related to the possibility that the state Board of Health will impose additional COVID mandates

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Ann Makar
Ann Makar

People who are “fully vaccinated” get sick and spread germs, just like others. I’m 60 and work in two large rooms with five other adults and ten students total. The five have been “fully vaccinated” for several months, while I have an exemption. I always wear a KN-95 mask and a cloth mask at work. Two of my co-workers tested positive for COVID in November and were sick three weeks. My co-workers who are “fully vaccinated” are NOT excluded from their jobs if “exposed” to COVID. If people can get sick and spread germs regardless of vaccination status, should we ALL be excluded whenever we are “exposed [the term is too broadly interpreted]?”

I am excluded from my job for over a week whenever one of the 15 people with whom I work tests positive, although I’m not sick and probably have been exposed many times over. I’m by far the eldest at work but have been keeping my immune system strong. One of the “fully vaccinated” adults already had COVID last year but went for testing recently when she came down with sniffles and a mild sore throat. She received a positive COVID test result!

This situation (I’m excluded although not sick, while others who are also “exposed” can become infected and spread germs) can repeat itself endlessly, since adults and students can receive a positive COVID test result ad infinitum.

I have almost a 99% probability of surviving COVID, as do others. It has become like a flu or a cold: anyone can get it, and almost everyone will survive if they have a strong immune system.

If the board mandates that all residents receive mRNA “vaccines” or be “involuntarily detained for isolation,” it must allow for exemptions and it must allow time for people to flee the state. Many will move rather than comply.

Discriminating against people based on whether they’ve received a COVID mRNA “vaccine” is to be “vaxist,” like being bigoted, sexist, racist, anti-Catholic, or anti-Semitic. Some people insist that the “unvaxxed” are subhuman and must be denied basic human rights. We’ve been down this road before. Don’t make Washington continue to be a laughingstock.

Ann Makar


Article Source: Clark County Today