Check It Out: In the holiday mood with ‘12 Days’

The 12 days of Christmas are upon us. OK, technically we have more than 12 days until Santa pays a visit, but “12 days” lends itself to a theme, and dear readers, you know how I relish a theme. By the way, I hope that everyone relished their Thanksgiving meals. I certainly did — thanks to my personal chef (aka my husband).

So, to the theme of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” — here is my plan. There are four Sundays in December which means I can explore three verses from the song per column. When I say “explore,” get ready for connections between the song and the collection that are a bit of a stretch. My advice? Just go with the flow, if you know what I mean.

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la, la.

“Dovetail a Drawer with Frank Klausz” (DVD) published by Taunton Press.

When I mentioned “a bit of a stretch,” you probably weren’t prepared for a title about woodworking. Here’s my reasoning: If a dove had opposable thumbs and a hankering for a handsome drawer, wouldn’t she use dovetails in her craftsmanship? Check out this DVD for yourself — and all of your talented dove friends.

“Fruit Trees for Every Garden: An Organic Approach to Growing Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Citrus, and More” by Orin Martin.

I can’t guarantee that if you plant a pear tree, a partridge will arrive. But the Northwest is a fruit-tree lover’s paradise, so when the time is right, follow Orin Martin’s excellent instructions and grow your very own orchard. Partridge optional.

“Hentopia: Create a Hassle-Free Habitat for Happy Chickens: 21 Innovative Projects” by Frank Hyman.

I’m sure that a partridge and a couple of turtle doves would commingle just as well with American hens as French hens, but the song is quite specific. No worries. All hens need great care, and regardless of place of origin, happy hens are just a read away with Frank Hyman’s wise words.

“Parisienne French: Chic Phrases, Slang and Style” by Rhianna Jones.

Perhaps your hens would feel like French hens if you spoke to them en francais. Ooh la la!

“The Partridge Family: The Complete Series” (DVD) Sony Pictures Home.

These Partridges are not birds. No matter, all 96 episodes of this 1970s television sitcom are available for your viewing pleasure. By the way, when I was a little girl, I had quite the crush on Keith Partridge, played by David Cassidy. Don’t judge me.

“A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Crochet the 12 Birds of Christmas” by Kerry Lord.

Does a partridge in a pear tree get lonely? If the song’s title was “The One Day of Christmas,” the partridge might be rather sad. Happily, more birds join in the merry-making including some egg-laying geese and a septet of swimming swans. But you know what’s better? Crafting your very own flock of Christmas birds with this fun crochet guide. Here’s a thought: crochet two partridges and no bird will have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas.

“Turtles: The Animal Answer Guide” by Whit Gibbons.

Although turtle doves aren’t native to Washington (or the United States, for that matter), we do have turtles for neighbors. These shelled creatures deserve attention all year (despite their wingless status) which is why this guide should be of interest to any animal lover.

Article Source: The Columbian