Charter Review Commission seeks volunteers to write opposing statements for 2022 Charter Amendment measures

Each year, the Clark County Auditor’s Office publishes a voters’ pamphlet for the primary election and mails it to all households in Clark County. It includes candidate statements and photographs and local ballot measures with supporting and opposing statements written by citizen committees. A legislative body placing a measure on the ballot shall appoint a committee to write a supporting statement and another committee to write an opposing statement.

At its Dec. 8 regular meeting, the Clark County Charter Review Commission voted to place six charter amendment proposals on the November 2022 general election ballot. 

Committees have been appointed to write statements supporting the measures, but the Commission has not been able to identify people to write statements against the measures.

The measures are:

  • Resolution 2021-8, authorizing the county auditor to implement ranked-choice voting for county elected officials’ positions
  • Resolution 2021-9, requiring the county council during the appointment process in hiring a new county manager to consult in a public meeting with county executive elected officials
  • Resolution 2021-10, adding a Preamble Section to the charter
  • Resolution 2021-11, adding a Vacancy Section to the charter in the event an elected county official position becomes vacant
  • Resolution 2021-12, changing the initiative and referendum signature percentage from 10% to 8%, incorporating a 120-day signature gathering limit for mini-initiatives and allowing for transfer of signatures from initiative to the mini-initiative process
  • Resolution 2021-13, establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Officer position and a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission

To review the complete texts of the resolutions, visit and follow the link to Dec. 8 meeting.

Any Clark County resident who wishes to be appointed to any of the “Statement Against” committees to write an opposing statement to the measures is asked to contact Kristin Davidson, County Manager’s Office, at [email protected] or by phone at 564-397-4167. 

The deadline is 3 p.m., Monday, Dec. 27. 



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Article Source: Vancouver WA Business Journal