Business Spotlight: 360 Dirt Works

360 Dirtworks
Courtesy of 360 Dirtworks

Founded in 2016, 360 Dirt Works provides excavating, land clearing, dump truck services, stump removal, driveway and road repair, draining services and much more. It began when husband and wife duo Paul and Vickie Bessette bought acreage to build a home on. After Paul’s regular full-time job was done for the day, he would do deliveries on the side for family and friends, delivering gravel, rock, sand, dirt and more. They had space to store their equipment on their new property, so it seemed like a natural fit to take the leap to business ownership.

It didn’t take long for the company to gain enough work for Paul to quit his job and start working at 360 Dirt Works full time.

The rest is history.

Today, the family owned and operated business employs Vickie, and both their son and daughter full time. They have since expanded to own four dump trucks and numerous pieces of equipment, including excavators, a dozer and more. Each one of the family members drives dump trucks and operates the equipment.

“Our most popular service would be driveway repairs – fixing potholes and laying in new gravel or asphalt grindings,” Vickie said.

When the pandemic began, the construction industry as a whole took a hit and their business was impacted, but they didn’t let the slowdown get them down. They used that time to do maintenance and cleaning on the trucks and equipment.

“We take great pride in having our fleet look especially nice,” Vickie said. “This even involves mom (after the office work is done) washing, polishing and painting the trucks equipment on evenings and weekends.”

Looking ahead, 360 Dirt Works is continuing to expand its reach. They are hoping to hire more people and add more equipment but will keep their focus solely on Clark County.

“Customer satisfaction is our main priority,” Vickie said.

Article Source: Vancouver WA Business Journal