Business Over Beer Provides ‘Passages to Success’ Symposium

Business Over Beer, which began as a local business-focused podcast in September 2019 and has grown to include live streaming, will host a ‘Passages to Success’ Client Acquisition Symposium this week. The event is open to all small business professionals and happens on January 21st.

Business Over Beer was created by Jonathan Kaylor and Ben Surratt, two Midwest natives who met in Vancouver and became best friends. They loved talking about business and celebrating craft beer, so they decided to integrate the two. Jason Knopp was added to the partnership after he served as their first guest interview for the podcast. When the pandemic began, the team realized that more small business resources were needed to navigate these challenging times, especially in the area of micro small business, solopreneurs, side hustlers, and those that were considering taking the leap into opening a business.

The event on January 21st is a preview membership symposium that will feature Lou Alexander as the keynote speaker, a former NFL and D1 athlete turned corporate sales manager. There will also be a live podcast interview, in addition to an expert marketing panel discussion with professionals from Spry, NW & Associates, and International TEFL Academy.

So, in March 2022, they will launch their Passages to Success Program. The annual membership will offer business owners the opportunity to develop the necessary leadership skills and business acumen to grow their company. The program will offer monthly events focused on four core areas: client acquisition, growth, culture, and exit strategy. The team at Business Over Beer selected these areas intentionally because they encompass many of the areas where business owners face challenges.

“Business ownership is not linear, and we all experience unique challenges at different points in the process,” shared Kaylor. “This is not a referral networking group. This is not a social club. This is an opportunity for business owners to work on their business and on themselves as business owners in a consistent, safe, and fun way. In short, we are working to help make small business owners BETTER small business owners. What makes Passages to Success unique is that we are not Tony Robbins standing up there saying follow these steps and you can be like me. We are saying that we are just like you.”

“As small business owners in the Vancouver area we all bring different backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets to the table,” said John Bentley, Senior Marketer and Co-Founder at International TEFL Academy. “This event provides us with a unique opportunity to learn from each other and gain actionable tips and tactics for growing our businesses.  That’s what really excites me.” 

Lacey J. Faught, Owner at Spry shares a similar enthusiasm. “Educating has always been the best way to get leads for me. When I share knowledge freely, it always comes back around and earns new business for Spry. I’ve worked with the guys from Business Over Beer a lot in 2021, so when they came to me with the opportunity to be on the panel, I had no hesitation. Any time we come together as small business owners and share what we know, good things happen.”

The Passages to Success event is hosted on January 21st at Best Western Premier, 1500 SE 176th Avenue, Vancouver 98683.

Event and registration details can be found here.



Article Source: Vancouver WA Business Journal