Apply for Vancouver Public Schools’ secondary magnet programs and programs of choice beginning Jan. 5

Vancouver students can participate in a variety of full-day magnet programs and half-day programs of choice that help them explore their interests and gain the knowledge and skills needed for their future careers. Current students may apply for any of the programs that serve the grade they will be in the following year. Enrollment will begin with the 2022-23 school year.

Enrollment in magnet programs and programs of choice is free, but students must apply for admission. Applications should be submitted online between Wednesday, Jan. 5 and the deadline for each program. Admission is based on qualifications, not order in which the application is received. Applications will not be reviewed until after the deadline.

Students who live within district boundaries will be given priority over students from other districts. Transportation is provided only for in-district students.

Students who are not accepted to a program may be placed on a waiting list.

Parents and prospective students can learn more about the programs by attending the district-wide magnet fair or an open house.

Article Source: Heights Campus